Monday, July 10, 2006

Don't mind the mess!


This blog is a part of my "Video in the Classroom" website. This blog and the website are a project that I am doing for my Master's in Educational Technology. The website deals with a project I did with my Grade 3 class for Health. We had been talking about Character Education all year and decided to demonstrate our learning by creating a music video using the song "With Our Own Two Hands" by Jack Johnson. For one of my courses in Technology I decided to highlight the process I went through for other teachers. I know that there are lots of sites out there about using video in the classroom, but I thought it might be interesting for others to actually see a project that I had done and ground the informational side of the website within that context.

As for the purpose of the blog, I thought the blog might provide a forum and a resource for teachers to discuss ideas for using video in the class and share how they used video in their own class. I am hoping that teachers will share projects they have done. There is no limit as to what grades can be involved. Everyone from K-12 is welcome!



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